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I am your Medium



Elizabeth is a professional practicing spiritual medium and intuitive (psychic) located in Greenwood Lake NY. She brings through the all-important evidence of the presence of your loved ones in spirit, emphasizing that heart to heart connection you have with them, and focusing on the true essence of their being. Her intention is to have it be a healing experience for you in a safe and peaceful environment. She also conducts Intuitive (psychic)readings with the same intentions. She is available for spiritual assessments for those who are on the path of development.

She facilitates Mediumship and Intuitive Development classes for those of you who wish to develop your mediumship and intuitive ability*** in a safe and non-judgmental environment wherever you are on your development journey. 

She is a Spiritualist minister and serves at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church.  Please see the service page for more information.

Spiritualist Evidential Medium

 I connect with a person's loved one in spirit, bringing through evidence the sitter (client) would know and understand. Also, I can provide psychic readings and spiritual assessments in a peaceful and loving environment.

 ***I also mentor and tutor mediumship. Please see the services page or contact me today to learn more about starting or continuing your journey unfolding in development.***

 ***Please note, not everyone can develop as a medium and       psychic;  Contact me if you have any questions regarding this.

Spiritualist Evidential Medium

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